Best Free Streaming Services for Sports Bettors

Betting is not just a hobby but also constant painstaking work. And for their work, every bettor must have a set of necessary tools. One of these is high-quality streaming sites for monitoring rates and analyzing events online. Find out what services provide the best, and most importantly, free places for displaying events online!

List of Streaming Services for Bettors

Here is a list of the most common platforms, among which you will indeed find something for yourself!

  1. ESPN
    ESPN is one of the best cable channels for watching various matches. However, you can notice a vast number of streams on the official website.
    The WatchESPN website allows you to watch for the main competitions in sports such as basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, MMA, Nascar, and more. Moreover, the display quality is also relatively high, which is another plus of the site.
    Of course, there are some downsides. You will not be able to find broadcasts of less popular sports. The channel simply does not have the right to broadcast them. It is also worth remembering that the most popular events will only be shown after purchasing a subscription.
  2. Facebook Watch
    Facebook has tried to create its streaming service. Of course, it is not as popular in everyday life, but for bettors, it is a great viewing tool.
    Facebook Watch provides users with the ability to broadcast their own completely free of charge. This means that by searching, you can find any broadcast of any sport.
    Furthermore, the company hosts official live videos of soccer, women’s basketball, and surfing.
  3. Stream2Watch
    Here is another quality streaming site. To put it bluntly, this is not a pure streaming service. The company collects videos from all other sites in one place. Thus, in front of you is the base with the largest selection of various broadcasts.
    Stream2Watch is an entirely free tool, but it has one major drawback. Site owners make money exclusively on advertising. Therefore, the amount of this advertisement is sometimes just off the scale. However, it does not interfere with the average viewing of the broadcast.
  4. SportRaR.TV
    Excellent site for watching hockey, soccer, tennis,
    and other popular sports. The system of work repeats Stream2Watch – the service collects live streams from all over the Internet.
    In this case, you should also be prepared for a lot of advertising. Even good ad blockers fail, but you can endure a little for the sake of quality content.
  5. Reddit
    Surprisingly, Reddit users also actively use the broadcast function and stream various events. You just need to find the right community whose members are engaged in broadcasting.

Choose Your One Right Now!

On the Internet, you can find many services that suit you. Be sure to try out the names on our list and start following the sport right now!


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